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Trains and railways used to dominate the transportation industry. Trains had once been the main mode of transportation for people and goods. However, through the years, other modes of transportation have developed that span the land, seas, and air. But still, the trains and railroads remain to be a crucial part of the intermodal transportation. This mode of transportation is one of the most dependable and affordable means that are available for logistics and supply chain management.

For decades, Portec Rail Inc. has been the most trusted company when it comes to railroad products and services. We serve railroad operators all over the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. We manufacture all essential railroad parts to ensure the smooth travel along railways. Our products are guaranteed to be safe and durable. Portec Rail Inc. also provides innovative engineering solutions to continuously upgrade rail freight and transit operations.

Portec Rail Inc. manufactures products for Bulk Transfer Systems, Car and Locomotive Repair Systems and Equipment, Friction Management and Rail Lubrication Systems, Friction Modifiers and Lubricants, Load Securement, Rail Anchors, Rail Joints, Rail Separation, and Switch Products. We have division offices in different parts of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to ensure that we serve the need and demand for quality railroad products and services in these key areas. In this way, our clients can be assured that they will receive their goods straight to their garage doors in Michigan, Quebec, or Wales.

Portec Rail Inc. also provides the following contract services: parts installation, bulk wayside refilling, high-speed rail tribometer service, onboard lubrication system installation and maintenance; wayside site selection, installation, and maintenance; and friction management and lubrication consulting, assessment, implementation, and management. We also provide training for GTP Installation, Keltrack Road Runner, Trackside Applicators, Friction Force, and Rail Separation Repair. Portec Rail Inc. has recently released its Environmental Products in line with the company’s endeavor to make our products and services more environment-friendly. Train and railroad operators can avail of our Eliminator Plus Environmentally Safe Degreaser and Cleaner, Leaf Fall Remediation, Noise Abatement, Traction Gel Application System, Ultra Tech Track Pan, Catch-All Track Mat for Wayside Lubricator Sites, GT Plus Absorbent Track Mat for Locomotive Station Sites, and Soy Track Rail Curve Lubricant. Operators can expect more from us as we continue our research and development to improve the performance of our products and make them safer for the environment. We continue to incorporate new technology to be able to make railroads safe and efficient means of transportation. We continue to employ a multi-systems approach in lubrication and friction management. We continue our dedication and passion in developing friction assessment, implementation, and management products and services. We continue our partnership with our allies in the industry – Kelsan Friction Innovators, CHI Tech, OMF, ELM, NRC, and Zeta Tech. We all work together to enhance the Friction Force capabilities of our railroads.

Our website is also an online resource of materials pertaining to railways and railroad safety and management, the laws and regulations governing this sector of the transportation industry, news and updates, as well as all the issues and challenges being dealt with by the railroad industry.