Hazardous materials can cause serious damage to health, property, and the environment. But these materials are being transported from one place to another for different purposes that they serve. As the Federal Railway Administration says, “the production, transportation, and use of hazardous materials are essential to the economy of the United States and to their technology-dependent societies.” According to the Department of Transportation, approximately four billion tons of regulated hazardous materials are transported each year. These hazardous materials present risks while they are being carried through the land, water, or air. In any event that damage happens, there has to be accountability.

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The Hazardous Materials Transportation Act underscores the need for proper communication. Coordination with different government agencies, organizations, and businesses guarantees that the main goals of the law are met. This law also presents a challenge to businesses to come up with more efficient means to handle compliance both for the company and their customers. Concerned agencies and organizations must make use of research and development to increase the safety and efficiency of carrying hazardous materials across all modes of transportation. Most importantly, this research on HMTA highlights the value of accountability not only for one’s self but for others. Businesses are responsible to their employees, consumers, the environment, and the rest of the society. It is the duty of business owners to comply with the law. Hazardous materials present risks and businesses should see to it that those risks are mitigated. The culture of safety is heightened. These are proactive measures to avert damages and accidents. It is necessary to go back and reiterate the purpose of HMTA which is to protect against the risks to life, property, and the environment. In the end, businesses have stewardship of making this world a safer place to live in for everyone.


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